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40Z-Meter pump | Putzmeister TB 110 Telebelt | Thom-Katt Trailer Pump

40Z-Meter Pump

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40Z-Meter Pump Boom Specifications Outrigger Spread Truck Specifications

Move up to a new class of concrete pump and reach more than 126-feet up or more than 120-feet out with a boom mounted on an economical three-axle truck. Now you are competing with longer booms but enjoying all of the maneuverability of a smaller unit for maximum utilization on all types of projects.

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Putzmeister TB 110 conveyor

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Putzmeister TB 110 conveyor Putzmeister TB 110 conveyor Putzmeister TB 110 conveyor Putzmeister TB 110 conveyor

The TB 110 can place concrete at high volumes up to 360 yd³/hr (275m³/hr) and convey a wide variety of materials ranging from sand to 4" (100mm) rock. With its steel/aluminum truss and three aluminum sections, this four-section telescopic conveyor offers 106' 1" (32.34m) of horizontal reach. The unit can set up and operate under heights as low as 15' 9" (4.80m).

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Please visit this link for general information on preparation for ordering a concrete pump:

Pump / Conveyor Setup Considerations

  • Power line Clearance must maintain a minimum of 20’.
  • Pump truck and outriggers need to be 1’ back for every 1’ of depth excavation.
  • Must have sufficient and safe clearance for extension and placement of outriggers.

Please visit this link for specific pump specifications for outriggers and boom:

Jobsite soil must be drivable and not too soft, wet, or muddy resulting in a stuck truck.